Tenant Handbook

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Deliveries and Freight Elevator

All large deliveries of furniture, equipment, or material should be scheduled with the Building Management Office.
Deliveries to and from the Premises shall be made only at the times, in the areas, and through the entrances and exits reasonably designated by Landlord. Tenant shall not make deliveries to or from the Premises in a manner that might interfere with the use by any other tenant of its premises or of the Common Areas, any pedestrian use, or any use, which is inconsistent with good business practice.
Handheld deliveries and those with small handcarts (such as luggage carts) can be made through the building lobby. Larger deliveries during the day must be made through the Bush Street sidewalk elevator. Daytime deliveries are limited to two freight elevator loads. Deliveries consisting of more than two freight elevator loads must be made after normal building hours. Arrangements for after-hours deliveries through the lobby can be made through the Building Office. Delivery companies will need to follow all after-hours procedures including the use of Masonite on all common area floors and proof of adequate insurance. Please inform your vendors of these restrictions.
Please note that the building staff cannot sign for packages or other deliveries to tenants. If you are expecting a delivery, please make alternate arrangements to have it delivered or picked up upon your return or rerouted to another address.
Freight Elevator
Both freight elevators can be accessed from the basement, ground floor lobby (in the high rise bank) and at all tenant floors.
The building also has a service freight sidewalk elevator located on Bush Street. This elevator is used for deliveries to the building and operates between the sidewalk and the basement level.