Tenant Handbook

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Elevator Service

Elevator service is available 24 hours a day. After normal business hours, you must use your access card to access the elevators at the lobby level. If an elevator fails to operate properly, please notify the Building Management Office or Security immediately.

The building has fifteen self-service elevators to service the lower, mid-range, and upper floors and two freight elevators serving all floors including the basement.

Five elevators serve the low rise and stops at all floors between the main lobby and the 11th Floor; five elevators serve the mid-rise and operate from the main lobby express to the 5th Floor and then express to the 11th Floor after which it stops on all floors up to the 16th Floor and four elevators serve the high rise traveling express from the lobby to the 17th Floor after which it stops on all floors up to the 30th Floor.

Both freight elevators can be accessed from the basement, ground floor lobby (in the high rise bank) and at all tenant floors.

The building also has a service freight sidewalk elevator located on Bush Street. This elevator is used for deliveries to the building and operates between the sidewalk and the basement level.

During a power outage, one car per bank and the service car will operate normally. All other cars will return one at a time and stay in the main lobby. Please reserve use of these cars for emergencies only.

The elevators are equipped with emergency alarm buttons and an intercom system in case of failure or emergency. In case of emergency or elevator failure, depress the alarm button, or emergency stop switch, and hold until building personnel makes contact with you via the intercom system. Trained personnel will reactivate the elevator.